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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Online Exam : PKTU SPA 2017

Assalamu'alaikum wanderers..

Exam after all of these passive years.. Yeepp! I am totally burned out. Conclusion, I'm way too ignorant. ==

Anyway, I'll type the questions here. In case someone, somewhere in the future want to know what kind of question to expect (even though, I think there are already many post about it). 

Bahagian A (50 Soalan)

  1. Fasa kritikal bagi juruterbang?
  2. Penumpang yang kehilangan bagasi hendaklah diberi pampasan oleh syarikat penerbangan sekiranya?
  3. Manakah antara berikut bukan merupakan sekolah latihan penerbangan?
  4. Pilih pernyataan yang salah bagi kod lapangan terbang ICAO dan IATA
  5. Tumpuan perlaksanaan Dasar Ekonomi Baru
  6. Pernyataan yang benar mengenai SL1M
  7. 5 teras strategik dalam Pelan strategik ICT
  8. Pengawal trafik udara perlu lulus peperiksaan kesihatan kelas ____
  9. Golongan layak BR1M
  10. Teras NKRA
  11. Kod transponder jika pesawat di rampas oleh pengganas
  12. Maksud LTE (internet)
  13. Kaedah alternatif komunikasi sekiranya pengawal trafik udara tidak dapat menghubungi melalui sistem radio?
  14. Pernyataan yang benar mengenai pameran LIMA
  15. Had masa mengemukakan aduan pertukaran penerbangan kepada Suruhanjaya Penerbangan Malaysia
  16. Rimau Sukan Sea
  17. VHF SHF
  18. Konsep inisiatif hijau Sukan Sea
  19. Dasar penswastaan
  20. Dasar Langit Terbuka

Bahagian B (45 Soalan)

  1. Selepas menjual sebuah kereta 3/5 daripada harga kos, Sara menyedari dia kerugian RM5000. Berapakah harga jualan kereta Sara?
  2. 40% daripada suatu nombor ditambah 42, hasilnya adalah nombor itu sendiri. Apakah nombor itu?
  3. 25% pendapatan untuk bayaran sewa rumah, 45% untuk ansuran kereta dan sebanyak 40% daripada baki untuk sara hidup. Jika baki sebanyak RM540, berapakah jumlah pendapatan bulanan?

#All the best
##Googling while answering should be your last resort wanderers ><
###Spoken from experience by yours truly, please don't repeat this shameless ignorant attitude..

Monday, November 30, 2015

The Road We Chose

Assalam wanderers..

Credit to owner

Saw this on my timeline. A very nice saying. Sometime we judge too much. Life too have 360 deg view. If your opinion won't be any help to overcome or to improve then can we just keep it as your secret opinion and for you only.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Daffodils [I wandered lonely as a Cloud] - Wordsworth

Assalam wanderers..

Just sharing this beautiful poem by Wordsworth. It's all thanks to my choral speaking year that I came to know this lovely piece. Never know this poem has two version. The one that we recite is actually one of the revision of the original version.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tomo-chan wa onnanoko :3

Assalam wanderers..


I'm a bit of zuper excited of sharing this interesting manga that I just found out..

Aizawa Tomo to Kubota Junichirou

Well, taada~~

I only manage to read up to chapter 5: Ch41-Ch50 but it's addictive.. Yupp, it worries me a lot that the manga is kind of cartoon strip (4koma?).. It feels like the reading going to finish  in a minute..




Yanagida Fumita


Yanagida Fumita


Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shounen


Tomo loves Jun, but she is really boyish (speaks like a boy, is the strongest karateka of her school...) and can't get him to think of her as a girl.
Read the funny lives of Tomo, her best friend Misuzu and Jun!
Read Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko.

Well, off I go.. Gotta continue my reading..

*Happy Diwali to those who celebrating :3
**Please don't end so soon my mid-break
***Mood swing please go away

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Yes or No

Assalam wanderers.

A week from now, there is Family Day for the 4th year student of Gas Tech.. Come on, Babu! Make up your mind. I hope this is not just for the sake of being fair~

Being sincere~

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Being positive

Assalam wanderers..

Let's do this~

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Semester Break: Kekkaishi

Assalam wanderers.

Another semester is coming through~ My 'sweet-hostel-alone' holiday comes to its end. Sigh~ InsyaAllah, this will be my last semester break. Not a very productive holiday but that just so me.. Haha.. I know, I'm going to regret it soon enough (when the semester start of course)..
Sumimura Sumiko - frozen heart

Anyway, I just finished reading the manga, Kekkaishi. Hohoho.. I know, the manga has ended in 2011, I just remember about it 3 days ago and that I still haven't finished reading the series.

I looked up at the forum and well the ending really didn't sit well with most of its reader. A bit rushed they said, the ending is. The comments keep on revolved at 3 characters:

1. Yoshimori =_=" the absence of epic battle at the end
     (never thought kekkaishi as a heroic or battle manga, so it's okey)
2. Shisui of Urakai =_=" he didn't stay evil until the end
     (lonely - give him  a chance)
3. Sumiko =_=" powerful but sacrificed herself
    (this character just think, she don't feel, so she can't understand - nearly similar to Hiura)

Hmmm~ I'm no expert of all of these. I don't really know about the rushed part or etc but, since I'm a 'fairy-tale' type of person, of course I'm saddened by the ending. Not just the ending actually. Hah! Each time a character is ended it feels like, WHY!! Shishio, Hidagou, Yagyou's member, Okuni (turns into spirit though), Michiru, etc etc. Well, it sounds so shallow, so I'll let it slide. Not everyone have a second chance and no one can live forever.  And there is Chushinmaru..

Karasumori Chushinmaru

I got a ton of thing that I want to say, but it'll came out so childish. So, I'll close this entry with the 'seaweed prince', Yuugami. The supporting character that support a lot.

Damsel in distress, the seaweed prince is coming through~
Above all, it's a nice manga~ I'm going to hunt more completed manga before my break ends. When will I be able to read the full stories of One Piece, Tegami Bachi, etc.