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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Yes or No

Assalam wanderers.

A week from now, there is Family Day for the 4th year student of Gas Tech.. Come on, Babu! Make up your mind. I hope this is not just for the sake of being fair~

Being sincere~

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Being positive

Assalam wanderers..

Let's do this~

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Semester Break: Kekkaishi

Assalam wanderers.

Another semester is coming through~ My 'sweet-hostel-alone' holiday comes to its end. Sigh~ InsyaAllah, this will be my last semester break. Not a very productive holiday but that just so me.. Haha.. I know, I'm going to regret it soon enough (when the semester start of course)..
Sumimura Sumiko - frozen heart

Anyway, I just finished reading the manga, Kekkaishi. Hohoho.. I know, the manga has ended in 2011, I just remember about it 3 days ago and that I still haven't finished reading the series.

I looked up at the forum and well the ending really didn't sit well with most of its reader. A bit rushed they said, the ending is. The comments keep on revolved at 3 characters:

1. Yoshimori =_=" the absence of epic battle at the end
     (never thought kekkaishi as a heroic or battle manga, so it's okey)
2. Shisui of Urakai =_=" he didn't stay evil until the end
     (lonely - give him  a chance)
3. Sumiko =_=" powerful but sacrificed herself
    (this character just think, she don't feel, so she can't understand - nearly similar to Hiura)

Hmmm~ I'm no expert of all of these. I don't really know about the rushed part or etc but, since I'm a 'fairy-tale' type of person, of course I'm saddened by the ending. Not just the ending actually. Hah! Each time a character is ended it feels like, WHY!! Shishio, Hidagou, Yagyou's member, Okuni (turns into spirit though), Michiru, etc etc. Well, it sounds so shallow, so I'll let it slide. Not everyone have a second chance and no one can live forever.  And there is Chushinmaru..

Karasumori Chushinmaru

I got a ton of thing that I want to say, but it'll came out so childish. So, I'll close this entry with the 'seaweed prince', Yuugami. The supporting character that support a lot.

Damsel in distress, the seaweed prince is coming through~
Above all, it's a nice manga~ I'm going to hunt more completed manga before my break ends. When will I be able to read the full stories of One Piece, Tegami Bachi, etc.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The gardener and the butterfly's egg - a kindness that not in place

Assalam wanderers..

Found this on Facebook~ Quite old oredy, I think, but still I love to share it here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rice Poem (Chun Yang Hee) - Hangul and translation - Let's eat

Assalam wanderers.

Okey~ So this is my 1st Korean poem. Dalam drama yg Babu tgk tu dorg letak subtitle (translation) camni,

To you who used to eat a lot of rice because you are lonely.To you who sleep a lot because you are bored.To you who cry a lot because you are sad.I write this down.Chew on your feelings that are cornered like you would chew on rice.Anyway life is something that you need to digest.

Wlpn Babu ni nda reti baca Hangul kn, tapi still mcm nda sah kalau kita nda letak poem ni dlm tulisan rasmi dia. So, lepas selongkar2 dlm internet, Alhamdullilah~ Babu jumpa juga. 

Plus, I like this translation more.

밥 (천양희) - soompiRice (By: Chun Yanghee)
외로워서 밥을 많이먹는다던너에게To you, who eats because of the loneliness
권태로워서 잠을 많이잔다던 너에거To you, who sleeps because of the weariness
슬퍼서 많이 운다던 너에게 나는 쓴다To you, who cries because of the sadness, I write
궁지에 몰린 마음을 밥처럼 씹어라Consume a difficult situation as you would your rice
어차피 삶은 네가 소화해야할것이니까As you will have to overcome/swallow both.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Assalam wanderers.

Stress pagi2 disebabkan Si MAILER-DAEMON ni x sudah2 hantar email. Panik Babu. Ingatkan virus or kena hack. Nasib baik pakcik@makcik Google ada.

yahoo failure notice
Failure notice

In my case, Alhamdulillah bukan virus, bukan kena hack, wlpn sesetengah entri keep on persuading to change password.

1. Kenapa ada 'failure notice'?
*utk inform Email yg kita hntr tu di'reject' server. :'(

2. Kenapa ditolak?

 *Reason dia ada dalam email tu, tapi kalu rabun IT macam Babu ni, mmg semua kena search.

<>Remote host said: 550 cuda_nsu Mailbox '' unknown [RCPT_TO]

The failure reason is unrecognized or unknown email address.
Maksud ny email address tu tak wujud la kira ny. 

Haha.. Babu salah salin. 

3. Penyelesaian ny.

i. Cek typo sebelum simbol '@'
ii. Cek top level domain '.com','.net','.edu', etc.

*Babu recheck balik email tu (email.lecturer.sebenarnya), & ternyata memang salah. Tertinggal 2 karakter. @_@

For further reference try sini. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Lonely Tree's Song

Assalam wanderers~

Suddenly this poem keep appearing in my feed.

#the lonely tree's song by Raincrow

Oh, lonely old tree on top of the dead hill

Your bark is long withered but there you sit, forever still

Your branches all gnarled, splintered, and impossibly twisted

You are younger than the Earth, but as old as the oldest thing that's ever existed.

Above you the ravens fly

And let their sorrowful cries fill the sky

And somehow those ancient and wise birds know

Just how deep your treasured roots do grow.

And they fly, they soar

They let their song echo thru your branches forever more;

Oh, if only, if only the wind could feel the sun's sighs

And if only, if only the precious earth could hear the moon's soft cries

If only, if only the stars could look down and see

How the untamed mountains bow to every tree.

The Lonely Tree creaks and sighs

As he listens to the ravens' song and watches them soar in the endless skies

Boring shot :3